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The Kongs have been everywhere recently. They just had their own game, Donkey Kong still hangs out with Mario to play some old fashion Donkey Kong, and He is even invited to the kart races and the fig...
Hello, It is hard for us at Nintendo of America to recognize this, but you the fans do need to know we recognize that the Nintendo Wii U has had lackluster sales from launch due to a lack of third par...
Nintendo's new handheld console will blow you away. Welcome the Nintendo 3DS. This system is perfect for children who love games, and adults who need something for them to blow off steam with. The con...
Donkey Kong hit shelves yesterday to a very positive response. IGN gave Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze a "9/10 , Amazing," and Metacritic user rating has given the game and 8.5 out of ten. Play a...